How to save ink usage in Epson printer? 1-800-213-8289 toll-free

If you are using a printer, you must be aware of its running cost which includes frequent change of cartridges. Printers run on ink and there are several factors that influence the draining of printer ink. Printer cartridges are costly and knowing the various ways to check on the wastage of printer ink could save substantial amount of your hard earned money. If there are some serious hardware issues that are causing excessive drainage of your printer ink, you can take help from Epson printer customer support experts. However, you can also implement these following methods to save printer ink.


If you use Eco font, it will shoot holes into your font. This way you can save up to 20 percent ink as compared to regular fonts.

Read your documents carefully before hitting print command. This way you can save paper and prevent wastage of ink by minimizing printing mistakes.

Until unless you have to print something that requires high quality, it’s recommended that you use printers at Fast Draft/EconoFast setting.

Use software that would let you decide which parts of the document you want to print and which parts you want to discard.

Black cartridges are cheaper than the color cartridges so it is advisable to generally print in black and white.


Always take help of print preview option which will allow you to manually change the settings and prevent printing mistakes.

Before turning off the main power supply, always turn off your printer using the printer’s power switch as this will allow your printer to park the cartridges and cap them hence preventing them from drying out.

Until it is extremely necessary, don’t wipe your printer heads or align them as it leads to wastage of cartridge ink.

Don’t rush to buy new cartridges when the printer reports that the toner or cartridges are empty because it is very likely that they might have 10 to 30 percent ink left.

Epson printer support number

We hope that these useful tips can help you save your printer ink and your money. If you are facing issues with your printer or printer cartridges, you can always contact our Epson Printer Technical Support team.If the person is finding difficult to do the process by self, he can take the Epson printer support phone number Toll-Free number 1-800-213-8289 from the premier tech support companies like printer tech support number or any genuine company that has the reputation in the market. For the support, the person will have available on the official website:  or Blog


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