Easy Direction for How to Print a Document by Epson Printer

If you buying new printer then read Easy these blog and know how to print a document by Epson printer. The user has to attach the cables, insert the print cartridges, add papers into paper tray, install the drivers and configure the settings. After finishing the setup, the printer finally gets ready for printout. However, not many users have the knowledge of printing a document. It requires little practice or guidance to acquire the basic knowledge of getting a document printed. You can either consult the Epson printer support expert  to get a detailed guidance Epson printer Help or you can read the following instructions to learn how to print a document.


Open or Navigate to the document that you want to print

Whatever you want to print, be it a Word file or web page, make sure that it should be open and visible on computer. It’s impossible to print a document without it being opened in computer. If you have to print a web page, it is advisable to check if the web page has printer friendly ink usually shown as “Printer Friendly Version”. In case there is no printer friendly version, you should copy the content of the web page to a Word file and then give print command. You can either consult the Epson printer support number expert get a detailed guidance

Choose or select File

If you don’t find any print button, click on File. In case you are using web browser, you have to click on some type of menu button.

Check the document by print preview

If you want to see how the printed document would look like, click on print preview.

Click on Print option

Locate File menu and click on Print option which will open the printing menu.

Click Properties

Locate Properties option, click on it, which will further give you access to more advanced settings. In the advanced settings, you can change the paper size, source and can also perform variety of other options.

Print document

Change any important details

Return to the printing menu and choose the type of printer, color, view, number of copies and other details.

Give Print command

Finally after ensuring everything is right in order, just click on OK or Print.


You must have learned how to print a document after reading this. However if you have any issue with your printer, If the person is finding difficult to do the process by self, he can take the Epson printer support phone number Toll-Free number 1-800-213-8289 from the premier tech support companies like printer tech support number or any genuine company that has the reputation in the market. For the support, the person will have available on the official website:  or Blog.


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