How to Print a PowerPoint Presentation by Epson Printer?

Have you made an office presentation and you require a printed version of the presentation? On the other hand you have quite recently finished your school, organization extend on PowerPoint and need it in printed version? In either case you are looking an approach to print your PowerPoint presentation. Getting your PowerPoint record in printed version isn’t that actually advanced. It’s an easy process to print a PowerPoint Presentation that you can learn by reading the following blog. Alternatively you can also choose to consult our Epson printer technical support experts to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

Open Power Point

Launch Microsoft PowerPoint application by double-clicking on the desktop icon of PowerPoint. Now open the file you want to print.

Locate the print option

Click on the File menu located on the top left corner of the screen, which will open a drop-down menu with various options. From the list of options, click on Print. You can also select Print option from the standard toolbar option located on the top of the screen.

Select the printer

Select the printer you want to use. Click on the drop-down menu and choose your preferred printer from the list of available printers.

Determine the part of presentation you want to printhow-to-print-a-powerpoint-presentation

You can either choose to print the whole presentation by clicking the default setting of “All” for all slides or you can select the current slide. You can also select a customized part of a particular slide or you can insert your own value or slide numbers in the “Slide number” box.

Determine the type of printing

Based on the type of presentation you are doing, you can choose the type of printing you will need for your presentation. You can choose between Slides, Handouts, Notes and Outline View.

Decide the number of copies you want

Insert the number of copies you want by clicking on the drop down area in the copies section. Finally click on “OK” option to print the document.


In this way, you will be able to print a PowerPoint document. For any query or issue regarding printers, contact our canon printer support phone number Make some online search to find the genuine canon printer technical support company for the Epson printer support phone number. Such company will deal with almost all the issues like installation, configuration, printing issues, alignment issues, driver repair issues, etc. Use the Epson printer customer support number 1-800-213-8289 for help.



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