how to print double sided in Epson printer? Follow The steps to do it!

There are many home Epson printers that require attachment called duplexer and this is for the purpose of double sided printing.One can print the double sided pages in a manual manner on any type of printer and this is done by the reinsertion of the sheets. This is done in the regular paper feeder tray.


Double sided printing for computer

  • Go to the file menu and after that click print. Convert a particular file to the PDF. From Doc to PDF app
  • Beneath the page range, click the radio button that is next to pages and after this, enter odd numbered pages.
  • Click print.
  • Remove printed pages from printer and after that keep them on printed side on bottom with top of the page towards printer.

Epson printer support number

If there is odd number of total pages in document, remove last printed page from top of stack and after that keep it safe. If there is eve number of pages, go for the next step. Empty paper tray and after that insert printer pages stack into it.

Repeat print process but during this time, select the even numbered pages and after that tick reverse pages box for reversing the printing order.

If the page is saved by you, add to bottom after the printing. This is the final page.

Double sided printing for Mac

  • From file Menu, click print.
  • In copies/ pages dropdown; click arrow and after that select paper handling.
  • In the pages for printing dropdown, click arrow and after this, select ODD ONLY.
  • Remove printed pages from printer and after that turn them 180 degrees. Top text is now bottom.

If one is unable to do all this by oneself, then there is need to go for the Epson printer support Phone Number  (Toll-Free: 1-800-213-8289) from a premier technical support company.


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