How to Make a Epson Printer Wireless by Using A Wireless Router?

By the help of the wireless print server or the wireless router, you can make the older printer wireless. In order to make the printer wireless, you will have to follow the steps. This will happen with the help of the wireless router and anyone on the network can get the print Or you can call on our Epson printer support number  1-800-213-8289.


Connection of a dedicated wireless host computer:

Connect the dedicated printing computer to the wireless router with the help of Ethernet cable

  • If you already possess wireless network set up, you have to be sure that the wireless router detects the particular network and further connects the computer to the network. If the computer hosts the network, be sure the wireless router connects to the broadband internet modem.

Connect the printer to the print host cable with the help of USB cable:

Be sure that the printer is configured in a correct manner and the installation of the drivers is on the host computer

Turn on the file as well as the printer sharing on the host computer of the printer:

This is located in the SHARING AND NETWORK section located in the control panel. One can either do the system research or find it in control panel networking section.

Locating the printer in the printers and devices window and it can be accessed from the START menu

Make a right click on the printer you want to share] and after this, select Printer properties

After this, you can click on the sharing tab that is located across top of Printer Properties Window


Click to check mark the box that is labeled “SHARE THIS PRINTER”.

The printer factory name will be automatically populated in text area that is located directly under check mark.

In case of any help dial the toll free Epson printer support phone number  i.e. 1-800-213-8289.


One thought on “How to Make a Epson Printer Wireless by Using A Wireless Router?

  1. I was not aware with Wireless Printer, but after reading this blog i came to know what is wireless printer & how to make it wireless by using wireless router.It’s a very informative blog thanks for sharing us.Hope you will be back soon with some new informative and interesting blog.

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