how to print double sided in Epson printer? Follow The steps to do it!

There are many home Epson printers that require attachment called duplexer and this is for the purpose of double sided printing.One can print the double sided pages in a manual manner on any type of printer and this is done by the reinsertion of the sheets. This is done in the regular paper feeder tray. Continue reading

How to Replace Toner Cartridge in a Epson Laser Printer ???

Printers are all about printer cartridges, they are the very soul of printers. Without a cartridge, a printer won’t print. When the ink in the cartridges starts to deplete, results start appearing in form of poor print quality copies. When the ink in the cartridge eventually runs out, you have to replace the cartridge to resume your work. Read further to learn the method to replace toner cartridge in a laser printer. Continue reading

How to Make a Epson Printer Wireless by Using A Wireless Router?

By the help of the wireless print server or the wireless router, you can make the older printer wireless. In order to make the printer wireless, you will have to follow the steps. This will happen with the help of the wireless router and anyone on the network can get the print Or you can call on our Epson printer support number  1-800-213-8289.

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